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Artsy Ant Alphabet Art Adventures

Created and Illustrated by Scott Howard
with Stories Written by Sandy Harper

Big 12” x 16” Poster-Size Pages. Each 2-page spread includes the outline of a letter of the alphabet containing colorable cartoon-style line-art illustrations of items whose names begin with that letter (airplanes, alligator, angel, etc), with a list of ‘Search & Find’ items.

Join Artsy Ant as he travels to exciting places and meeting new friends with entertaining, inspiring stories imparting valuable life lessons involving friendship, sharing, gratitude, and the joy of learning.

$19.95.. Hardcover. 12” x 16” Pages. 56 Pages

Fun, Entertaining, Interactive, Educational and ‘Creatively Inspiring’ All Ages!

Artsy Ant is known throughout The Hill as the most creative and inspiring ant of all. Now he has a mission . . . to ‘Creatively Inspire’ Kids of all Ages, all over the world. And he knows nothing is going to stand in his way! Come along and be part of the adventure of Artsy Ant, where you’ll find fun and adventure on every page. Read about Artsy’s travels to exciting places like the Enchanted Forest, the Jungle, and the Outback. Meet and make friends with entertaining and inspiring characters from Austin Alien to Zoe Zebra. Kids, adults, family and friends – everybody enjoys Searching & Finding the interesting characters and objects. Proudly color the poster-size pages. For younger children it’s designed to be educational, as well as inspirational – helping with reading, comprehension, improving social skills, and developing creativity and imagination. This one-of-a-kind book is sure to become a family treasure.

Hooray For Breezy

Author: Wendy A. Williams
Illustrated by Scott Howard

Entertaining, Endearing, and Educational, Hooray For Breezy is the delightfully inspiring tale of a teenage dragon whose wings are too small to fly!

Combines beautifully vibrant color illustrations with “Color Me” black & white line-art characters and whimsical elements.

Includes Brain Building Words meant to expand the readers vocabulary, with a GLOSSARY at the end of the book giving a definition of each Brain-Building Word as it is used in the story.

$15.95. Soft Cover. 8” x 10” Pages. 36 Pages

The Inspiring Tale of a Misfit who becomes a Marvel

Welcome to Fire’s Breath, a town full of delightfully different, daring, and determined dragons. With enormous pride in their ability to perform fantastic feats of flying, they compete every year to see who will win the title of Fiercest Flyer. All the dragons get excited about the contest! That is, every dragon gets excited except Breezy Speartail. You see, Breezy has small wings, which means she is unable to fly. Breezy gets teased and bullied for something she cannot control, until one day when she accidentally meets an inventor named Spark. Through creativity and coaching, Spark helps her realize that she has talent and worth like any other dragon. Breezy learns to see herself in a whole new way with confidence and pride. You are hereby invited into Breezy’s world!

Tips on Becoming a Dynamic Public Speaker

Author/Interviewer: Richard G Lowe Jr
Interview with Scott Howard

Full Title: Richard G Lowe’s Interviews with Influencers presents Scott Howard Tips on Becoming a Dynamic Public Speaker.

Tips on Overcoming the Fear of Speaking, Preparing and Presenting Your Speech, the Art of Storytelling, and Getting Hired to Speak.

Discusses the fundamentals of public speaking. Teaches you the critical speaking skills, tools, techniques, finding your niche, and more that every aspiring speaker needs to understand and apply.

Transcribed from a live interview, Reads as a conversation, rather than a traditional book that talks at you.

$9.95. Soft Cover. 6” x 9” Pages. 64 Pages

Attention All Public Speaking Enthusiasts wanting to Grow and Succeed as a Speaker

Want to comfortably, confidently and effectively speak to groups and audiences? Know how to overcome stage freight? Wonder how to ‘memorize’ a speech? Struggle to find topics to speak about? What’s you niche? Dream of getting paid for speaking, and maybe even becoming a highly-paid speaker? These are just a few examples of what Scott Howard covered in an interview with Richard G Lowe Jr. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn and grow as Scott shares stories about the lessons and growth that led to his becoming a sought-after “Dynamic” professional speaker.