"Teamwork Makes the Dream Work." - John C. Maxwell

Welcome to My Scott Art, which features the dynamic graphics and illustrations of Scott Howard. At My Scott Art, we understand the value of attention-grabbing design for businesses and people of all walks of life. Whether you would like to make a long-lasting first impression, or you would like to increase sales with a renewed product look, we have a solution for you.

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Uncommon Creativity For Your Business.

My Scott Art is the graphic design and illustration firm founded by Scott Howard. The entirety of the work shown here is the work of Scott Howard. However, with the creation of Scott's one-of-a-kind book, "Artsy Ant Alphabet Art Adventures", My Scott Art has been growing to include additional freelance artists, writers, and a creative team dedicated to providing design excellence and client satisfaction. In short, Scott and the My Scott Art team will work with you to ensure their designs support all of your brands needs.

Scott Howard has been drawing pictures for as long as he can remember. Even as a child, he knew that he would be an artist when he grew up. Some of his earliest influences include comic books, cartoons, animated commercials, Mad Magazine®, and DoodleArt® posters. For three years between high school and college, Scott was a graphic designer and illustrator with the U.S. Army. Majoring in Art throughout his school career, Scott specifically studied graphic design, illustration, technical illustration, typography, animation, and advertising. A little later in his career came Scott's involvement in computer graphics, web design, public speaking, and business training. Scott has had several years of career experience working as a graphic designer and art director with a variety of influencial businesses, corporations and advertising agencies prior to founding My Scott Art.

Many of Scott's influences, education and work experience can be seen in this portfolio.
Some characteristics to expect include:
- Crispness in his line art,
- Attention-grabbing graphics,
- Logos which immediately describe a business or product,
- Advertising and promotions which stand out from the crowd,
- Packaging that sells,
- Illustrations that tell a story, and,
- Storybook characters who are destined to creatively inspire generations of kids!

Artsy Ant

Fun, Entertaining, Interactive, Educational and 'Creatively Inspiring All Ages!'
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