Welcome to MyScottArt, featuring the dynamic art, graphics and illustrations of Scott Howard.

At MyScottArt, we understand the value of attention-grabbing design. Whether you would like to construct an impressive brand, or increase sales with a new promotion, our goal is to create a solution tailored for you, your business and your audience.

The entirety of the work shown here is the work of Scott Howard. However, MyScottArt (the business) has been growing to include additional freelance artists, web experts, writers, and a creative team dedicated to providing design excellence and client satisfaction.

In short, Scott and the MyScottArt team will work with you to ensure creative solutions which meet and exceed all of your design needs.

Please check out Scott’s portfolio of GRAPHICS, ILLUSTRATIONS and LOGOS.

Some characteristics to look for include: attention-grabbing graphics, crispness of line art, logos which help to brand a business or product, packaging and promotions which help to sell the product, and ‘Uncommon Creativity!’

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We are ready to begin work on your creative needs.

  • Logo Design, Brand Identity, Business Cards
  • Promotions, Brochures, Posters, Mailers
  • Magazine & Newspaper Ads, P.O.P, Billboards
  • Package Design, CD, DVD, Labels
  • Book Layout (Cover to Cover)
  • Illustration for Children’s Books, Book Covers, Posters, Technical, Fantasy, Cartoon, etc.
  • Internet/Web Design and Graphics
  • Photoshop Photo Editing